We Know Metal

Sharon Tuvia’s team of experts provides a comprehensive solution for all your metal requirements. Specializing in additive manufacturing and machining, we provide you with close guidance and engineering support, ensuring high quality deliverables and peace of mind. All of our activity is conducted according to AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 civil aviation standard approval and ISO13485 medical device standard approval.

Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Leveraging over 10 years’ experience, we provide unmatched manufacturing accuracy based upon customer models and requirements. This is achieved by using the novel Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology, operated by 4 dedicated in-house machines (one of which is a large format), enabling us to combine additive and subtractive technologies.



Utilizing high accuracy 5-axis machining centers, we equip our customers with top-notch prototyping and mass production services. Leveraging our vast experience, we are able to match the right process and technology to the specific product, in order to successfully support the entire process from design to manufacturing, while adhering to complex requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Combining a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), optical measurement systems and dedicated reverse engineering software, we perform thorough inspection of customer demands and dimension analysis of an existing object where drawings are missing. Then we successfully generate CAD models that enable engineers to easily redesign and manufacture products.

Quality Control

Using high-end inspection machinery and advanced optical equipment that is among the most precise in the world, we supply measurements for components of all sizes down to micron level accuracy. In order to promote efficiency, we utilize a dedicated measurement automation software, shortening processing time by up to 80%, saving cost and increasing profitability.