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Patient Specific Titanium Implants (P.S.T.I)

We are proud to share that Sharon Tuvia is manufacturing patient specific Titanium implants complying with ISO-13485 quality assurance, improving patient’s quality of life by supplying high-end and high-accuracy implants to our customers around the globe. You are more than welcome to exploit our expertise in printed Titanium.

Sharon Tuvia Celebrates 60 Years of Metal Ingenuity

Sharon Tuvia was established in 1959 by Mr. Tuvia Sharon. For the past 6 decades we have pushed the boundaries of metal, helping hundreds of customers worldwide expand their professional abilities. Today, a 3rd generation firm, we wish to thank you all for your cooperation, and promise to keep on providing creatively accurate solutions.

Titanium Additive Manufacturing Range Goes Up to 90

We are proud to introduce DMP Flex 350, a high-performance Titanium Additive Manufacturing system. With a build volume of 275 x 275 x 350 mm, DMP Flex 350 is capable of producing up to 90 microns layer thickness, saving our customers both time and money.

Boosting Our Additive Manufacturing Range in Aluminum

Having enhanced the capabilities of our EOS M400-4 additive manufacturing machine to 80 microns, with a volume of 400x400X400 mm and the simultaneous work of 4 lasers, we can now supply larger parts in significantly shorter time.

Sharon Tuvia participates in the 2019 Technology Exhibition at Expo Tel Aviv

Come see our latest metal machining and additive manufacturing capabilities. Looking forward to meeting you at Booth 2, Dec 2-Dec 4, 10AM-7PM.